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Navigating the Intelligence Landscape in Commercial Real Estate: AI, BI, and HI Explained

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Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and Human Intelligence (HI) are reshaping the commercial real estate (CRE) intelligence landscape. Gain insights into predictive analytics, portfolio optimization, and operational efficiency. Stay ahead in the competitive CRE market by harnessing the power of AI, BI, and HI.
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CRE Asset Management: Transitioning from a Tactical to a Strategic Role in 2024

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Today marks an exhilarating era for asset managers, as they stand at the threshold of unprecedented opportunity. It's not just about deals anymore – it's about transitioning from a tactical approach to a strategic one. It's a time to embrace new responsibilities and showcase your indispensable value within the organization.
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Four Performance Levers to Manage and Optimize Cashflow in CRE

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The ability to be nimble and quickly adjust your cashflow management strategies with the market is key. But first, you must understand the performance levers you have available to drive cash, valuation, and the promote for your portfolio. 

6 Signs You Need CRE Asset Management Software

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Asset management software can address your challenges, help optimize your cashflow for faster returns, and create additional value for your firm. If you can identify with any of these 6 statements, your firm may need an asset management solution.
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4 Questions Asset Managers Can Answer with Lobby CRE

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With Lobby CRE’s fully configurable dashboards, Asset Managers can quickly locate, share, and export data with internal or external stakeholders to answer critical questions about the portfolio’s and make informed decisions about next steps to optimize performance. 
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5 Finance Risks of Using Spreadsheets for CRE Asset Management

The status quo of spreadsheets may no longer be the best solution for your commercial real estate (CRE) finance team. Today, finance teams can escape the limitations, challenges, and risks of spreadsheets with asset management solutions.
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5 Key Metrics to Track With Asset Management Software

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An asset management platform provides reporting tools that enable CRE firms to monitor portfolio performance and track key metrics, like NOI, using configurable dashboards. 

The Future of CRE: How to Effectively Control, Optimize, and Predict Operational Costs

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Learn how to develop operational efficiencies within your organization, centralize back-office operations, and leverage technology to help scale your business.

How One Small Firm Uses Lobby CRE to Scale and Maintain Lean Operations

Learn how Simek Realty uses asset management software to eliminate manual tasks and overcome the challenges of having limited staff and resources.