Accessing & Leveraging Market Benchmark Data in Lobby CRE

Use this checklist to learn how to submit your data to access…

Assessing Your CRE Cashflow Management Strategy: 6 Questions to Identify and Eliminate Gaps

Use this checklist to assess your cashflow management strategy and identify opportunities to improve your bottom line.

Key Strategies CRE Asset Managers Can Use to Assess Portfolio Performance (& Action Items to Get Started!

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Use this checklist for key strategies to perform an asset evaluation to identify operational gaps eroding NOI & cashflow.

Using Relevant Market Data to Identify Areas of Underperformance

The Income/Expense IQ Benchmark program, which uses data from…

How Much Time and Money Could Automation Save Your Firm?

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Use this checklist to identify four manual tasks that can be automated to save your firm thousands of dollars per year and up to 8 hours each week.

Building a Use Case for Asset Management Software

With this checklist, you’ll be prepared to outline a plan that clearly explains how an asset management solution can positively impact your firm’s productivity, portfolio growth, revenue, and more.

6 Ways to Maximize CRE Multifamily Cashflow

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In commercial real estate, cashflow is critical to meeting and exceeding financial obligations, expectations, and growth projections across the firm. Use this checklist for tips to help maximize cashflow in your CRE portfolio.

6 Signs You Need CRE Asset Management Software

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Asset management software can address your challenges, help optimize your cashflow for faster returns, and create additional value for your firm. If you can identify with any of these 6 statements, your firm may need an asset management solution.

7 Steps to Streamline Your CRE Reporting

Learn how the right tools, technologies, and processes can effectively streamline reporting and enable informed decision-making.

Evaluating Portfolio Management Software for CRE

Learn how to evaluate and choose a software provider that will be able to effectively address your industry-specific applications.