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Our mission is to make data accessible, actionable, and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.


Offices across the United States


Offices across the United States


Combined commercial real estate experience


Combined commercial real estate experience


Building technology solutions


Building technology solutions

About Us

We come from a background of commercial real estate and building technology solutions with an enthusiasm to help CRE teams perform better and faster by using data in more powerful ways.

Since launching in 2019, we have over 50 employees across the United States and the world. Our solution is trusted by CRE companies of every size and type, including multifamily, retail, mixed-use, office, industrial, hospitality, and self-storage.

Using our solution means you’re supported by a team of CRE data experts who have one goal: help you find new opportunities in your portfolio with better access to data and analytics. From the initial onboarding to the analysis of your data sources, our team works with you every step of the way.

Lobby CRE: CRE technology built by the industry, for the industry

Our Story

The blueprint for our technology is built off of years of steady work and innovation by our founder Robert J. Finlay, CPM®. In 2000, with the curiosity and dedication to improve how commercial real estate owners use securities to make remaining loan payments on released real estate, Robert founded Defease with Ease. This was the beginning of pioneering a complete portfolio of technology solutions for CRE owners as he founded TCAM Asset Management in 2008, Investor Management Services (IMS), and Fairview Real Estate Solutions in 2015.

Now, with over 15+ software solutions built, Thirty Capital provides resources for every department in CRE companies, including our data aggregation and analytics software: Lobby CRE.

At our core, we are passionate about helping CRE professionals use data in more profound ways to improve the jobs of their teams and the performance of their entire portfolio.

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Meet just a few members of our talented team.

Robert J. Finlay, CPM®

Founder & CEO

Jason Kelley

CFO, Head of Product

Philip J. Kubat

Chief Technology Officer

Aynsley Brockway

Head of Customer Success

Tara Lilly

Head of Marketing

Lawrence Gordon

Head of Business Development

Josh Cohen

Managing Director

Cindy Halim

Product Manager

Ward Caswell

Product Manager

Renato Candia

Business Analyst

Ali Mashal

Data Analyst

Ivonne Sirett

Customer Success Manager

Stephanie Armand

Sales & Business Operations

Steve Thozeski

Business Development

Joseph Comparato

Business Development

John Baron

Account Development

Jake Tillman

Account Development

Alina Ounheuan

Graphic Designer

Brandon Seibert

Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Hooks

Marketing & Event Coordinator

Weston Reay

Site Reliability Engineer

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Roadmap to Driving Operational Efficiencies in Your Portfolio

The commercial real estate industry is notoriously slow at adopting new technologies and using them to drive net operating income. This can put your firm at an unbelievable advantage. While other CRE groups are relying on historical information and “gut feel,” your team will be leveraging data to beat the market in terms of decision making.

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Transform your portfolio with intelligent data management & analytics

Your portfolio holds secrets that can have a tremendous boost in revenue and help mitigate risk. So, how do you access it? Download our digital brochure to learn all of the ways that Lobby CRE enables you to report on, analyze, visualize, and activate your data across all properties.

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3 Ways Data Can Protect Your CRE Firm

Predicting the future might seem like something from the pages of a sci-fi novel, but it’s reality. Executives and financial professionals in the commercial real estate (CRE) sector use the latest software to make smarter, speedier, data-driven decisions.

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Uncover growth opportunities in your portfolio.

We make data accessible, actionable, and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.