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New Year Resolutions for CRE Firms: 3 Tips to Create & Achieve Your Goals in 2024

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The new year is here! To celebrate, you may have set some personal goals that you’d like to achieve throughout the year. But what goals have you created for your CRE portfolio or firm? We’ve created some ideas to consider as you create and prepare new year resolutions for your firm.
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The Ripple Effect: How Expense Growth Impacts Portfolio Performance in Multifamily CRE

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Learn the impacts of rising expenses on portfolio performance within the multifamily commercial real estate sector and explore strategies to mitigate these effects.

CRE Portfolio Performance: Is it Me or the Market?

Learn how to identify some common factors that may be eroding…
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Effective Cashflow Management Strategies for Navigating a Turbulent CRE Market

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As property values fluctuate and market conditions remain unpredictable, property owners, investors, and businesses need strategies to protect their portfolios. By implementing these strategies, you can safeguard your financial stability and position your firm for long-term success.

Assessing Your CRE Cashflow Management Strategy: 6 Questions to Identify and Eliminate Gaps

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Use this checklist to assess your cashflow management strategy and identify opportunities to improve your bottom line.
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Every Dollar Counts: Improving CRE Budgeting Strategies with Technology

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The Lobby CRE team participated in the 2023 National Apartment Association (NAA) Apartmentalize Conference. Read the recap of our panel discussion about how to leverage technology and benchmarks to optimize apartment budgeting strategies.
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Centralizing CRE Financial Data with Asset Management Software

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With so much data to handle, it can be easy to lose track of critical information that may lead to inaccurate reporting or missed opportunities. Centralizing your financial data can improve your management processes and help you make better-informed decisions.
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Commercial Real Estate Software: Benefits and Tools for CRE Firms

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A solid CRE tech stack can be used to track key metrics, unlock powerful portfolio data, scale operations, and drive cashflow. Learn the benefits of having CRE technology in your tech stack, types of solutions to consider, and tips for choosing the right platforms for your firm.
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3 Effects of The CRE Slowdown and How Technology Can Help

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With uncertainty throughout the commercial real estate market that has continued into 2023, companies must now focus on strategic asset-level decision making in order to meet the evolving needs of investors, tenants, and regulators. We expect transaction volume will rise again in 2024, as long as the gap between buyers' expectations and sellers' expectations is closed.

Protecting Your Returns: Optimizing Operational and Debt Performance in Your CRE Assets

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In this webinar, you'll learn new methodologies to generate performance analysis for your asset - so you can accurately assess where you rank today and identify specific areas of opportunity to drive & protect your returns and achieve the promote.