Thirty Capital Launches Platform to Bring Data Management to Mid-Market Real Estate: Lobby CRE

Experienced CRE Firm Develops Cost-Efficient Data Management and Decision-Making Tools for Commercial Real Estate

CHARLOTTE, N.C. April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thirty Capital, a tech innovator and incubator in commercial real estate with more than two decades of experience owning, managing, and operating CRE assets, is launching a new platform: Lobby CRE. Lobby CRE is Thirty Capital’s flagship data management platform that brings institutional-grade tools to mid-market operators and investors — an underserved segment that accounts for 44% of the CRE industry.

“We’re focused in a space that’s been largely ignored by technology companies. We’re giving small and mid-size operators, managers, and owners the same access to data management tools as the big players, as well as the ability to protect their competitive advantage and bottom line without the institutional-grade expense. We built Lobby CRE to be cost-effective, take fewer than 45 days to set up and use, and accelerate insights, action, and trust,” said Anne Hollander, CEO of Lobby CRE.

With the economic volatility and industry dynamism of 2022, operators that do not have insights into asset performance will be exposed to significant risk. As moratoriums end, evictions rise, and inflation puts pressure on rent growth, investors need to identify operational and financial weak points and generate solutions to outperform the market despite economic uncertainty.

Lobby CRE is a configurable platform to manage and leverage property and portfolio data that makes performance insights more accessible. The platform reduces exposure through improved situational awareness and decision-making by breaking down silos to align teams, property financials, and market data. The data and knowledge that Lobby CRE yields support the identification of growth opportunities while accelerating collaboration and action.

“After 20 years of investing in and managing commercial real estate assets, we were tired of wrangling spreadsheets, PDFs, and screenshots in the process of trying to understand what’s going on at the property and enterprise level. We looked at existing solutions and talked to other operators and discovered we all had the same problems. We found tools that weren’t built by real estate people — they didn’t understand our unique challenges. Recognizing that we had the experience to know what CRE operators need, and the expertise in developing other tech platforms for CRE, we decided to build a solution ourselves,” said Rob Finlay, CEO of Thirty Capital.

The platform was engineered in partnership with more than 30 clients of Thirty Capital to build what operators, investors, asset managers, and other stakeholders need to make the best decisions and scale with simplicity. During the development phase, Lobby CRE became a trusted platform and partner for the aggregation of data for prominent industry organizations, including the National Apartment Association (NAA) and the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Today, more than four hundred real estate organizations use Lobby CRE for data standardization, visualization, and analysis of their real estate assets.

Lobby CRE also provides the visibility to make needed operational and financial improvements to facilitate informed long-term strategies. From the investment side, it offers the ability to quickly understand what is going on with the investment and the money on the line. Lobby CRE automates the data collection and standardization process, so decision-makers can more efficiently analyze operational factors and identify opportunities that will lead to substantive performance improvements.

“I’m grateful for how Lobby CRE provides a better view of our portfolio health and gives me a constant pulse of everything happening at the asset level,” said Stuart Keller, SVP Asset Management, Lloyd Jones.

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About Lobby CRE
Lobby CRE helps commercial real estate firms transform their portfolios with intelligent analysis, industry benchmarking, and asset management, enabling access to all data sources and automating performance reporting across properties from a single platform. Lobby CRE is the first data analytics and management platform designed specifically for commercial real estate. Lobby helps companies discover opportunities in their business and provides configurable insights to make data-driven decisions faster.

About Thirty Capital
Thirty Capital is an incubator and accelerator of customer-centric software and data solutions in commercial real estate. The company’s portfolio of brands addresses the everyday challenges of property owners, investors, and managers by delivering practical, technology-driven solutions. Thirty Capital promotes the education and standardization of best practices in deploying and implementing consumable technology.

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