Lobby CRE, a Thirty Capital Company, Appoints Anne Hollander as Chief Executive Officer

Lobby CRE, a Thirty Capital Company, Appoints Anne Hollander as Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned Tech and Real Estate Executive Guides Transition from Development to Growth Phase

CHARLOTTE, N.C.April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lobby CRE, a subsidiary platform of tech accelerator Thirty Capital, has appointed Anne Hollander as Chief Executive Officer. Hollander formerly held the position of Chief Strategic Officer at Thirty Capital and is now taking over the role of CEO from Lobby CRE and Thirty Capital founder, Rob Finlay. Finlay will stay on as chairman to support his vision for the platform. Leveraging an accomplished background in tech and real estate, Hollander will support the upcoming public launch of Lobby CRE.

“I’m excited to see where Anne will take Lobby CRE. We’re at a unique point as the business transitions into rapid growth. We validated Lobby CRE with our initial partners and clients and now we’re geared to scale. Anne is a core part of that vision,” said Finlay.

Anne Hollander is making an impression in tech as one of the few CEOs in this space with both a background in real estate technology and depth of experience in growing and scaling technology companies. She understands real estate management, investment, and the potential of tech in CRE, and integrates these insights to meet the needs of property owners, managers, and investors.

In her previous role as Chief Strategy Officer at Thirty Capital, she led strategic planning, partnership development, go-to-market execution, and venture investment across the portfolio of organizations focused on real estate, technology, and financial services. Prior to Thirty Capital, Anne Hollander led Product Marketing for RealPage, where she developed and executed go-to-market strategy for emerging technology and high-growth markets and launched the first artificial intelligence tenant screening solution in the real estate industry. She also led Product Marketing for the Construction division at Trimble, launching Trimble Construction One.

Lobby CRE is Thirty Capital’s flagship platform and is the nucleus of its vision. In the Thirty Capital ecosystem of tech-driven solutions, Lobby CRE is the entry point. Lobby CRE emphasizes speed to value as a central component of client experience and ensuring they realize the value of their capital. The Thirty Capital team has more than 20 years of bespoke experience in real estate management, investment, and optimizing financial returns.

Given the prevailing market dynamics, the commercial real estate industry is at a critical juncture where the promise of technology is being realized in improving the performance of real property assets. Increasing numbers of retail investors are entering the market and parking their money in real estate with no clear direction on how to manage their assets as a whole and achieve the best returns.

“Everybody on the team is excited about the future. We’re bringing clarity to the complex world of real estate. Our vision for the next year is to establish Lobby CRE as the preeminent solution in the CRE mid-market for managing the performance of commercial real estate assets. Stakeholders entering the CRE space from other industries are accustomed to a wide variety of tool sets and data at their fingertips. But when transitioning to real estate, they realize none of that exists in this space — Lobby CRE is here to solve that problem,” said Hollander.

For more information visit: https://www.lobbycre.com/ and https://www.thirtycapital.com/

About Lobby CRE

Lobby CRE helps commercial real estate firms transform their portfolio with intelligent analysis, industry benchmarking, and asset management, enabling access to all data sources and automating performance reporting across all properties from a single platform. Lobby CRE is the first data analytics and management platform designed specifically for commercial real estate. Lobby helps companies discover opportunities in their business and provides configurable insights to make data-driven decisions faster.

About Thirty Capital

Thirty Capital is an incubator and accelerator of customer-centric software and data solutions in commercial real estate. The company’s portfolio of brands addresses the everyday challenges of property owners, investors, and managers by delivering practical, technology-driven solutions. Thirty Capital promotes the education and standardization of best practices in the deployment and implementation of consumable technology.

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