Checklist: Attracting and Retaining Talent

Attracting and Retaining Talent with Technology in CRE

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is notoriously slow to adapt to shifts in the industry and archaic with its approach to talent. Unfortunately, with a median age of 57 years among CRE professionals and only 1/3 of the CRE workforce under the age of 45, the industry could be facing a workforce crisis. As these older employees retire, companies need to be prepared with a strategy to attract and retain the next generation of talent who will play key roles in advancing digital transformation, closing skills gaps, and future-proofing the firm.

On-Demand Webinar: Excel Gymnastics in CRE: Escaping the Limitations and Challenges of Spreadsheets

For nearly 40 years, commercial real estate firms have relied on Excel to manage most aspects of their business. But in a rapidly changing market, the status quo of spreadsheets may no longer be enough, as asset and property managers find it difficult to keep a real-time pulse on the business and make timely and informed decisions. Watch the webinar for a live discussion on escaping the limitations of Excel.

Investment Firm Scales Their Portfolio and Tracks Renovation Projects with One Platform

GSH is a fast-growing real estate investment firm, with a 26 + property portfolio. In their rapid growth, the team began to realize their manual processes were not efficient in keeping all of their property data properly organized and accessible. Read on to find out how they turned things around by utilizing technology.

On-Demand Webinar: Changing Dynamics in CRE Management

As dynamic market conditions create significant change for the commercial real estate industry, forward-thinking CRE professionals are turning to new methods to navigate the risks and opportunities of their properties and portfolios. Watch the webinar for a live discussion with Lobby CRE CEO, Anne Hollander.

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Leveraging CRE Tech to Navigate Change & Drive Success in 2021

Although 2020 was a difficult year for the commercial real estate industry, firms can successfully emerge from this hardship. Commercial real estate companies can be well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in 2021 – if they have the right technology.

9 Tips for a Stress-Free Budget Season

We know that budget season can be an overwhelming and chaotic time of year. But does it have to be? By combining new processes, strategic planning, and the best technology available, you can make budget season as painless as possible.

How Technology Can Address CRE’s Data Problems

Learn about the challenges CRE professionals like you face while trying to use data to accelerate growth and the ways you can harness the power of data and technology at your company.

Digital Transformation in CRE | Managing Tenant Delinquency in the Age of Covid-19

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for digital transformation to maintain a competitive edge moving forward. Learn how you can gain a competitive edge for your portfolio.

8 Ways to Adapt to Evolving Investor Expectations

Learn how CRE finance professionals are taking on a new role and how data can be their most significant advantage.

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How to Leverage Data to Improve Profits in CRE

Want to start getting more value from your data? Read our E-Book.

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The Data-Driven CFO: Uncovering What’s Important Now

Read how data can be CFO’s most significant advantage.

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Three ways the top CRE firms are boosting NOI

Read to see how top CRE firms use technology and place data at the core of their organizational strategy.

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Executive’s Toolkit: How to Adopt a Future Proof Data Strategy

In this toolkit, we highlight questions you need to answer to start adopting a future proof data strategy.

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Six Actionable Steps to Propel Portfolio Growth

Learn how these steps can help grow your portfolio.

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An Executive’s Guide to Managing CRE Data

Learn what you need to know about managing data in your company.

The State of Big Data in CRE

See the infographic that shows how big data can help improve business performance.

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Breaking down the cost of big data in CRE: What you need to know

This infographic breaks down the cost of building vs buying a data management platform.

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How Data is Disrupting the CRE Industry

Learn how to access relevant data and utilize it to benefit your company.

The Evolving Role of Data in Commercial Real Estate

Read to learn how to access your data to drive better decision making.

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