GlobeSt. Recognizes Anne Hollander of Lobby CRE as a 2023 Influencer in CRE Technology

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Feb. 7, 2023  — GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum profiled Anne Hollander, CEO of Lobby CRE, part of the Thirty Capital ecosystem, as an ‘Influencer in CRE Technology’ in the Jan./Feb. 2023 issue and on The Influencers in CRE Tech recognition features commercial real estate professionals who assist companies in managing processes through technological expertise and the innovations and best practices they have introduced. Hollander is blazing a trail in CRE and tech as a CEO with a unique spectrum of experience and insight in commercial real estate operations and tech development and implementation.

“During my tenure in CRE, I’ve observed the organic evolution of commercial real estate technology to address the needs of operators, investors, users, and every member of the industry. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to that process through our asset and data management tools and the education of emerging professionals,” said Hollander.

Hollander’s highlight achievement is the launch of Lobby CRE, an asset management solution that integrates all the systems CRE operators utilize, breaking silos and unlocking decision-powering insights. She leads strategic planning and partnership development and oversees Lobby CRE’s more than 1,300 live clients, representing 10,400 live properties and growing. She works with asset portfolio managers to elevate their situational awareness with a complete view of operational and financial performance.

Hollander formerly held executive leadership roles in product development at Trimble and Real Page.

She is an expert in strategic planning, partnership development, go-to-market execution, and venture investment across portfolios focused on real estate, technology, and financial services. She brings uniquely informed perspectives on real estate management, investment, and the potential of tech in CRE and integrates these insights to serve and educate property owners, managers, and investors.

Committed to enhancing the quality and availability of asset performance data, in 2022, Hollander organized partnerships with NAA, IREM, and BOMA to digitize and streamline property benchmarking. The collaboration resulted in unprecedented submission levels and the most extensive benchmark data set ever assembled. Submissions are open for 2023, and operators can conveniently submit data and access an expansive sample size by asset class for apple-to-apple comparisons.

Identifying existing professional skill gaps in the industry and bridging them through education and mentoring is another of her passions. She is a founder and Expert in Residence for The Academy of CRE Finance & Innovation, formed to educate CRE peers and newly-employed CRE analysts and professionals. The Academy allows students to learn about debt and equity, underwriting, loan documents, waterfalls, and more, uncapping their growth potential.

Leveraging her experience across other industries, Hollander knows there are better ways to drive efficiencies from real estate assets and investments. She believes it is time to embrace the new role of technology to help industry stakeholders simplify operations and optimize successful financial outcomes. Hollander regularly speaks on panels about the role of technology in real estate, is an advocate of ESG and DEI, and actively mentors in the space.

About Lobby CRE

Lobby CRE transforms commercial real estate asset management with automated operational and financial data intake, intelligent performance analysis and reporting, industry benchmarking, and configurable dashboards — all within one platform. Lobby CRE creates opportunity to ‘see around the corner,’ quickly capturing critical insights that drive performance across operations management, debt management, and entity management.

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