Globe St. Pay It Forward: “Stop Talking About the Work. Let the Work Speak for Itself.”

Anne Hollander, CEO of Lobby CRE in Dallas, TX

Area of expertise or focus: Commercial Real Estate Technology

Anne Hollander has a background in both real estate operations and in rapidly scaling technology companies. Hollander offers uniquely informed perspectives on real estate management, investment, and the potential of tech in CRE and integrates these insights to serve and educate property owners, managers and investors.

What has been the biggest challenge in your particular role and how have you overcome those obstacles? The work and life as the CEO of one of the fastest-growing real estate platforms bring new opportunities each day. The challenge is one I think everyone in commercial real estate grapples with: assessing and acting on the right opportunity at the right time with the right partners on the right terms.

We want to do it all, but as they say: Rome wasn’t built in one day. Instead, we approach this with two methodologies: identifying and aligning everyone in our organization to specific objectives and key results we want to achieve, then thoughtfully planning our work and initiatives based on what we need to do in the next three months, the next four quarters, and the next three years to achieve our outcomes. This framework allows us to be both visionary and strategic while ensuring that our immediate execution is aligned with where we want to go.

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