Elevate your role from data collector to decision maker.

Lobby CRE is an asset and portfolio management platform that centralizes your operational and financial data, allowing you to better visualize and analyze performance. We streamline manual reporting by removing data silos across your entire organization.

Remove friction and empower your team.

Centralize Asset Data

Automatically centralize operational and financial data across your real estate portfolio and assets with unhindered access to up-to-date information when you need it.

automate your response

Streamline Stakeholder Reporting

Simplify reporting processes to one click and effortlessly share detailed performance insights about the health of your assets and portfolio while avoiding manual data collection and reporting processes.

Utilize Powerful Analytics

Understand your portfolio health at a glance with configurable dashboards featuring over 500 industry-standard metrics to generate operational savings and faster decision-making.

automate your response

Identify Underperforming Assets

Leverage market-level performance benchmarks to identify underperforming assets. Foster internal alignment across stakeholders by drilling down and pinpointing underlying causes

Automate your reporting

Start with Speed

Implement and adopt Lobby CRE quickly and without hidden surprises. Automatic data intake ensures fast action on operational and financial metrics without time-consuming manual data collection or maintenance.

Scale Without Additional Costs

Lobby CRE was built to seamlessly work with the acquisition and disposition of properties. Flexible data intake ensures different property management systems can funnel into one platform.

Key Features of Lobby CRE

  • Configurable user permissions
  • Personalized property groups
  • Property facts database
  • Operating history dashboard
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard
  • Industry benchmark dashboard
  • Chart of accounts mapping
  • Document storage
automate your reporting

“Lobby CRE has provided a necessary capability to measure our portfolio, which is ever-growing. Our team has been able to remove bottlenecks, automate some of our operational processes, and went from working off of 10 Excel sheets into one simple platform.”

Unlock performance insights and separate yourself from the status quo.

Get a firsthand look at how Lobby CRE transforms connectivity and insights across your organization.