The Benefits and Applications of Automation in CRE

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We get it – the thought of implementing new technologies into the tech stack at your CRE company can seem daunting. Ensuring that you can effectively and profitably leverage innovation seems intimidating. But with the shifts that we’re all experiencing in the market, adopting automation technology is becoming less of an option and more of a requirement for growth and survival.

The benefits of implementing automation in your portfolio go far beyond the need to survive in evolving markets. Perhaps the greatest benefit of adopting automation practices is that your team will have the time to focus on NOI boosting activities instead of routine tasks and manual processes. With automation, you can increase the value that each of your team members brings to your bottom line. In fact, Deloitte found that once the technology infrastructure is in place, companies see a 20% reduction in costs. IDC reports that the cost savings figure can be as high as 30 – 60%.

The benefits of automation extend across all parts of your business, and executive-level decision-making is no exception. With automation, disparate data sources and systems are interconnected and optimized, producing real-time insights, recommending opportunities, and flagging risks so that you can quickly gain a better understanding of how to capture value.

With the right automation technology, you’ll have the ability to increase NOI while decreasing expenses and manual effort. Lobby CRE, the asset management solution built for commercial real estate, can make this a reality for your business. The system gives you the power to report on, visualize, and analyze your entire portfolio in real-time. With Lobby CRE, you can easily automate costly manual processes and grow profits.