Asset Management Software: Benefits for Each Role in Your CRE Firm

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is historically slow to embrace new technology. But opportunities to reduce manual processes, improve productivity, and enhance portfolio performance are increasingly difficult to come by without technology. With benefits that include enhanced portfolio visibility and automated reporting, CRE asset management software addresses many of the common pain points CRE firms experience when analyzing and optimizing their assets.


Read ahead to learn how asset management software can create efficiencies for each role in your organization.


Asset and Portfolio Manager

Asset and Portfolio Managers are responsible for delivering timely, accurate reports and improving asset performance. Below are three benefits of asset management software for asset and portfolio managers:


Benefit #1: Unlock Real-time Property Benchmarks


Understanding your property’s performance in relation to the market can create a competitive advantage. But sourcing and merging raw third-party data for an apples-to-apples comparison can be time-consuming.​ Asset management software, such as Lobby CRE, gives you the tools to map your portfolio’s performance against market benchmarks for easy one-to-one comparisons of property performance.


Benefit #2: Access Faster Value and Speed to Insights


Siloed data from spreadsheets and scattered systems can limit your ability to quickly extract meaningful insights. This restriction can in turn impair your ability to make informed decisions and proactively respond to changes or even risks in the portfolio. Asset management software automates insights, KPIs, and reports in one platform, boosting your speed to actionable data.


Benefit #3: Leverage Flexible Reporting and Controlled User Access


You likely share asset reports with internal and external stakeholders. But organizational silos may limit who can effectively access that data and when the data is relevant to share with a specific person or team – which is often very subjective​. A solution like Lobby CRE gives you flexible access and controls to financial and operational data, assets, and investment information​ in one place.


Property Manager


Compiling, analyzing, and producing monthly financials and reports can take hours to complete. Asset management software helps property managers reduce manual tasks and free up time to focus on residents instead. Below are three benefits of asset management software for property managers.


Benefit #1: View Your Monthly Financials and Reports in One Place


Automate and configure reporting for quick insight into operational & financial performance. Provide up-to-date reporting to stakeholders with unlimited dashboards and data and custom formats.


Benefit #2: Share Monthly Reports Securely with Controlled User Access


Empower users with direct access to critical information relevant to their roles. By mirroring your organizational structure, you can alleviate friction between team members and siloed data while maintaining data access controls.​


Benefit #3: View and Export Property-Level Data


Engage with data by viewing & exporting property information the way you want to see it.​ Lobby CRE establishes a single source of truth for all your property facts while centralizing operational and financial data.


Finance/Accounting Manager


Commercial real estate assets are valuable investments that require constant attention to maximize their return on investment (ROI). Asset management software can help finance managers meet & exceed the financial obligations, expectations, and growth projections for the business with consolidated financial reporting and forecasting. Below are 3 benefits of asset management software for finance and accounting teams:


Benefit #1: Visualize and Analyze the Financials Driving Cash


Upload cashflow models, forecasts, proformas, budgets, and stressed scenarios to visualize and report on historic, current, and future cashflow across your asset or portfolio.​


Benefit #2: Align the Business and Financials With One Source of Truth


Invite your entire team – property managers, accountants, asset managers, and more – to use a single source of truth for all data, analysis, and reporting. Share reports instantly from Lobby CRE, comment and collaborate on insights, and export reports & visualizations to Excel, PDF, PNG, or JPG.​


Benefit #3: Track Financial Performance in Real-Time


Configure notifications and trigger alerts within Lobby CRE to tell you when your operational & financial performance changes for the better – or the worse. Set thresholds and quick visual cues to triage performance across properties. Be notified of key dates and action needed to keep your property running smoothly.​


C-Suite Executives 


Asset management software can give c-suite executives access to consolidated operational and financial data for better portfolio visibility. Below are 3 benefits of asset management software for C-suite executives:


Benefit #1: Standardize Your Chart of Accounts With Ease


Standardize and automate all data mapping for consistent performance analysis across your portfolio. Map your chart of accounts to how you want to see and analyze financial data for an “apples to apples” comparison of performance.


Benefit #2: Track All of Your Operational Data In One Place


See your asset & portfolio from all sides as you analyze performance over time. Slice & dice by property group, type, subtype, class, size, geography, role, ownership contribution, or performance.


Benefit #3: Retrieve Operational and Financial Data In Minutes


View up-to-date, standardized asset and financial reports in minutes with 400+ custom-built KPI dashboards. Lobby CRE’s KPI dashboards can help you track delinquency rates, occupancy rates, income and expenses, NOI, and more! 


About Lobby CRE:


Asset management software, like Lobby CRE, has revolutionized how multifamily firms access and use their operational and financial data. Operating as an all-in-one, cloud-based solution, Lobby CRE is designed to manage and optimize cashflow for faster returns to the Sponsor and Investors. Schedule a Lobby CRE demo today!