Make data-driven decisions faster.

Lobby is a scalable, secure, and affordable solution created to help you use your data in more impactful ways. All powered by a team of CRE data experts.

Product breakdown.

Lobby DMP

Un-silos your data to give you the freedom to harness and derive value from all of your data sources.

Lobby Cloud

Data is collected, ingested, processed, and stored in the data lake. Data is stored in a raw form and is always accessible and available for exploration.

Lobby Drive

Keeps all of your files organized and secure while storing them in the Cloud for analysis at any time. Simply drag and drop your files into the Drive to get started. We’ll take it from there.

Executive Dashboard

A collection of reporting features include: estimated investor profit splits upon a sale or refinance, prepayment estimates, historical operating statements, proforma analyses, property loan details, competitive insights, and much more.



Lobby is SOC 2 Type 2 certified on AWS. Encryption is used across the platform and authorized access to your data is role-based.

Data Governance

A clear view of your data from anywhere with control over the management, creation, and destruction.

Scheduled backups

Backups of your data are automatic and frequent so one of your most valuable assets is always kept safe.


Your data is just that, your data. It’s never shared or sold. Access to your data is provided under stringent role-based permissions.

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