6 Signs You Need CRE Asset Management Software

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Asset management software can address your challenges, help optimize your cashflow for faster returns, and create additional value for your firm. If you can identify with any of these 6 statements, your firm may need an asset management solution.

Avoid Costly Business Decisions Caused by Spreadsheets and Protect Your Cashflow

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Use this infographic to learn about the issues and challenges involved in relying on spreadsheets and how they can impact your accounting team (and your CRE firm).

The Future of CRE: How to Effectively Control, Optimize, and Predict Operational Costs

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Learn how to develop operational efficiencies within your organization, centralize back-office operations, and leverage technology to help scale your business.

How One Small Firm Uses Lobby CRE to Scale and Maintain Lean Operations

Learn how Simek Realty uses asset management software to eliminate manual tasks and overcome the challenges of having limited staff and resources.

How Commercial Real Estate Data Can Be Used to Boost Tenant Experience

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Modern commercial real estate tenants want tools, systems, and environments that improve worker satisfaction and productivity.

Attracting and Retaining Talent with Technology in CRE

Learn how the commercial real estate industry can develop a winning strategy to attract and retain the next generation of talent to close skill gaps and future-proof the firm.

The Great Resignation in CRE: How to Embrace Technology and Flexibility for a Competitive Future

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Post-pandemic and with evolving workforce expectations, technology is no longer a luxury - it’s a necessity for CRE firms who want to win the war on talent.

Assessing Methods of Communication as Your CRE Firm Grows

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Acquiring assets is always a great time to assess whether your current means of communication and information management are providing value and identify pitfalls that are adding unwanted risk and inefficiencies.