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Assessing Methods of Communication as Your CRE Firm Grows

As commercial real estate firms grow and evolve, so do their means of communication and day-to-day operations. Expanding footprints equate to additional stakeholders, such as asset managers, property managers, and business analysts, and can prompt your CRE firm to add/change resources to accommodate the growing portfolio. Acquiring assets is always a great time to assess […]

The Costs of Manual Processes in CRE

Manual processes in CRE are the business equivalent of substituting wood for cold hard cash in a fireplace. When we think of manual processes in the workplace, we tend to think of major time sucks like quarterly reporting done in spreadsheets. While these large-scale activities are certainly wasteful and should be automated, the real manual […]

What is Portfolio Management Software?

French philosopher Jacques Ellul once said, “Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.” Indeed, just about every industry is going through some level of digital disruption. While transformation in […]

How to Use Data to Amplify Net Operating Income (NOI)

Net operating income (NOI), or the money leftover when property expenses have been deducted from revenue, is one of, if not the single, most important measurements for real estate owners. For years, the only way to increase net operating income was to decrease expenses or increase rent. But what if you can use data to […]

How CRE Industry Leaders are Leveraging Data to Move from What to Why to How

Nearly every CRE professional has heard of the importance of treating data as an asset that can provide a competitive advantage. In many industries, data is treated as the most valuable asset. Data may not show up on a balance sheet the way buildings, land, or other valuable assets would normally. However, it is very clear that […]

Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate Industry

The technology industry has a tendency to overuse words, which leads to a lot of different terms carrying multiple different definitions. In this crowded space, perhaps no single phrase holds more meanings to more people than Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation can be defined as using digital technology to transform the experience of every player in […]