Under the hood.

A complete data management platform. Easy to get started and see immediate value.

Product breakdown.

Designed and Developed by CRE Data Experts.

Lobby has created a solution to ingest, transform, and standardize siloed CRE data so it can be used to build out a variety of advanced analysis and informative insights.

Store Your Raw Data.

All siloed data, structured and unstructured, is found through a consultative approach, ingested using a single framework, and then stored in your data management platform in its native format maintaining its original characteristics.

A Clean Data Pipeline.

Our experts’ profile ingested data to identify any variances in the datasets, so data quality rules are created, and data is transformed to a universal format to meet your requirements.

Faster Discovery and Exploration.

Data is modeled using metadata, data catalogs, and other standardization parameters so users can quickly find the data they need, at the right time, with enhanced querying powers.

Persistent Data Backup and Security.

Our architecture secures data using top encryption methods – AES 256-bit and TLS/SSL, protects backups with 99.999999999% data durability, and includes support for compliance standards, such as FINRA and ISO 17799 and 27001.

Access Controls for Data Policies.

Install access controls via policy-based data governance to enforce organizational guidelines around data confidentiality and data sharing rules that are authorized for each user.

Uncover growth opportunities in your portfolio.

We make data accessible, actionable, and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.